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Selected pages from my sketchbooks. 2011 onwards

Natural History Museum Sketches
End of term assembly
Emma Drawing 2
Emma 3
Life class
Life class
Just there
Start and end of day
Imaginative drawing
Mum in hospital and sermon notes
Train journey
Meeting and Train Journey
Train Journey Drawing
Notes from exhibition and notes from sermon
London drawings
pond and waiting bags
London - Sunday trip
Shropshire roads
Start of term meetings
Café drawings
People watching
Clutter - desk and waiting room
Stuff that's there
Ikea Restaurant Croyden
TV drawing 2
TV drawing and sermon
Brighton cafe
Brighton street and sermon notes
Travel Sketches
London buses
Travel Observations
Standing around; teaching on Prayer
Talk and travel drawing
waiting and watching
Hanging around
Sitting and Listening
Shaded Faces
In the dark.
Train and show drawing
Surrey Roads
Brighton Train Journey
Hungerford bridge and Waterloo station
Imagined City
People and Traffic
City Spaces
Sitting on a sofa - What else - it's Christmas!